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The Brown Cookie Co Image By Jason Terry Photography


   Welcome to The Brown Cookie Company!

We're a family loving and influenced all natural food business that began its journey in 2008 but was blessed to be "official" as of 2016.  Our voyage started long before then though, thanks to all of the fine, supportive and challenging folks in our lives. From our cooking family, instructors and friends to the examples and samples provided by this beautiful earth that has been gifted to us, with guidance from God of course, we've been building as we've been built!


We are based on the foundation of creation and driven by four principles:


You don’t have to compromise good tasting food for health, so we aim to use the best all-natural and/or organic ingredients to obtain that balance in our custom made foods, while minimizing the use of excess sugar, fat and other ingredients that can be detrimental.

Positive Energy

The energy within is exuded outward into everything a person touches, even food. From the sound of humming, expressing the songs within our hearts, to the many sweet scents of the kitchen, in thanks, we know it's the energy that makes our foods that much better. We're not perfect but we strive to do our best and that is reflected in our goods.

Love and Respect

We have this for our Creator, ourselves, our neighbors and our land. Our made-to-order, authentic desserts fill the stomach, open the heart and spread smiles for miles. We are also certified food protection managers, food handlers and trained in food allergens safety.  As a result of our experiences and faith, as well as the patience, attention and respect we have for every step of the creation process, we give you what we'd give ourselves; nothing less, from the source to our plates.


 All natural cookie fans, we’re so happy you've chosen to have bits and chips of The Brown Cookie Company in your home, school or work place. Enjoy and share with a friend. You'll never know how far you can go until you’ve experienced your part in the big cookie...and it's big; believe that :0)


Thank you and welcome to the family!


The Brown Cookie Company, LLC

Nadia Brown Cookie Co Image By Jason Terry Photography
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