The Brown Cookie Co's Disclaimer

All of our recipes can be changed to fit specific needs or diets, such as: vegan, vegetarian, gluten-free and low sugar, so let us know how we can adjust for you within the notes section found in checkout or by choosing the specified options. However, please bare in mind that although we pride ourselves on minimizing contact and preventing cross-contamination between various ingredients known to affect those living with certain allergies, the kitchen does process food that fit in that category (i.e.: peanuts, flour, tree nuts, milk, etc.) and we cannot prevent the rogue flour or nut bit that may be in the air. Also, some of the ingredients we use, even if not particularly a nut or gluten food source, may be processed in facilities that do use those ingredients. So please be as cautious as possible when purchasing. In extreme cases of nut, gluten or any other food or surface allergy, it may be best to avoid purchasing from The Brown Cookie Co in total. By purchasing, you agree that The Brown Cookie Co does not take responsibility for negative effects of voluntary purchases or ingestion of our goods that may be caused by the noted allergens or ingredients. Remember, no matter how much we'd love you to enjoy our goods, and they are good, we'd love you to enjoy your life even more.


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