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The Brown Cookie Co responds to your questions

Where did the name come from exactly?

A combination of family name, art, science and experience. Combining all colors of the rainbow, in pigment form, the color brown is created. We all have different tints or tones of that color and like a cookie, when all of our special ingredients come together, we're able to create beautiful works of natural, God blessed art. We are God's natural blessed art, you know? We like to say that we are, as one, individuals in an ensemble, kissed by the sun at varying levels and our goods are enhanced by the heat. Oh yeah, and who doesn't like a cookie or home made anything? 

Do you offer alternative diet menus?

Yes, but not an actual menu. Some of our goods are automatically vegan/vegetarian, but all of our recipes can be changed to fit specific needs such as vegan, caffeine-free, gluten-free and low or no additional sugar. For those affected by allergens, we make a point to handle your food with care. However, please bear in mind that although we pride ourselves on preventing cross-contamination between various ingredients known to affect those living with certain allergies, the kitchen does process food that fit in that category and uses some ingredients that may have been made in facilities that process those foods as well (i.e.: peanuts, wheat, tree nuts, milk, etc.). So, either avoid purchasing from us or be as cautious as possible when purchasing by notifying us of your needs. We will do our best to accommodate you.

During the pandemic, how are you handling the goodies we order?

Well, let's just say that we've been trained to handle food and we take that training seriously. We take your and our health even more serious than that so no worries, we guarantee that the goodies we prepare are done so with cleanliness and attention to detail; all the way down to the tightly sealed shipping boxes.

Do you offer any free items with orders?

Yes, love. Kidding, actually our packaging is a parting gift of sorts, you'll see when you get one:0). We also offer a free sample pack for businesses that want to sell our goods in store; up to 3 flavors.

Do you offer any other discounts?

Yes, our current offers are listed under the home tab. Also, if this is your first time, you can use code: FIRST BITE to get $5 off of your first order. Use code CHIP for orders of 3 dozen or more and you'll get a 15% discount on the total. We have specials for our loyal cookie fans too.

How does one contact for further information or events?

We can be contacted via email at, this site or our number at 301-284-8532. In order to accommodate you better, depending on the inquiry, we'll either respond via email or follow up with a phone call if a number is listed. Please allow up to 2 days before we're able to respond to you.

Do you do in person delivery?

At the moment, we only hand deliver to legacy cookie fans within the DMV; they know who they are. If ever there's need for expedited delivery, arrangements can be made for a nominal cost, however. All others orders are shipped. Keep smiling though, we do plan to offer delivery in the near future.

What would that cost be?

Depends on location and amount of order but would be determined and disclosed at checkout. Be sure to email us for more details.

Do you have specific days you mail out goods?

Yes, indeed. Although the website is 24 hours, we're closed Sunday and Monday and typically ship Wednesday through Saturday, so to ensure you receive goods as fresh as possible, please order no later than 3:30 pm the day before our shipping days. Any time after that, the requested order won't go out until the next available business shipping day. In either case, please give 3 to 5 days before shipping of the goodies takes place. Currently many businesses are being affected by the pandemic, so we ask for your patience with the shipments. As you may know, the hard working mail carriers are, well, working hard.

How do the the goods come delivered?

We package based on the content and distance being traveled. The cookies are sent in either protected sealed recyclable boxes or sealed recyclable bags. Our newer bags are made of non-plastic ingredients and are compostable and/or biodegradable. These are also attentively packaged to protect the goodies and you. Unless the order is a Brown Cookie Co Combo, different cookies are packed in separate containers.


Where do you deliver or ship orders?

At this time, we only ship within the United States; namely the east coast part of the world many know as Maryland (pronounced: Murlun, Maryl-an or Murel-land), within the DMV. DMV is where we be;)!

How long do the cookies last?

Great question. Although fresh is always best, for quality purposes, and if you want to hold your cookies for a time, they can last up to 3 weeks in a sealed container or zip lock held in temperatures under room temperature. The fridge helps with that. If frozen, still sealed and contained in freezer safe containers, cookies can last for much longer, maybe up to 3 months. Be sure to keep it air tight and separate cookies depending on their type (soft vs hard or moist vs dry). If frozen, you could heat up in microwave for 10- 30 seconds, depending on the microwave's power or on the skillet for a couple of minutes. otherwise, let it rest in room temperature until it gets to your desired state. Care tips are available upon delivery per request but always lean on the side of safety- bacteria loves moist, fat and protein filled foods.

Can you substitute ingredients?

Yes, as mentioned, if there are specific dietary or health needs we can accommodate you but requests must be in writing at time of order. You can also indicate diets, such as vegan, by choosing from the drop down menu. In extreme cases of nut/ gluten allergies or any other, it may be best to avoid purchasing from The Brown Cookie Co. We aim to keep cross contamination at a minimum but it cannot cover rogue flour remnants or the like. Also some of the items we use, even if not particularly a nut or gluten food source may be processed in facilities that do use those ingredients. Remember, your health is important.

How often do you change your menu?

For the most part, the menu remains the same for our staples, you'll know what those are as you visit our site, but it will change periodically throughout the year to work with the changing seasons. For example, pumpkin is usually moved from the site at the top of  Spring, only to return during the fall and winter seasons again.

Can we purchase items offline?

Yes, you can order in person if you happen to see any of us in our Brown Cookie Co shirts during any of our showcased events, or simply walking down the street, in masked face of course. No joke! Since we're local, if you see us on duty, say hi and place your order. Unless it's a Sunday or Monday, as soon as possible, we'll be baking in no time. We also plan to put on events throughout the year, so stay tuned as we update;0).

Do you offer set up at events?

Yes, we do. When we begin to do in person deliveries at different events, we can set up for an additional fee, depending on the location, theme, dessert type and schedule.

Love the desserts. Any plans for a bakery or restaurant?

Great question. In due time, The Brown Cookie Company will continue to grow in the culinary and nutrition world and soon you'll be meeting a close friend who can vouch for that. Food and movements go a long way. Stay tuned and thanks for asking.

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